New Normal People
9M Autumn/Winter 2022 Theme and Product Details

Theme: New Normal People – Changing Values in the Era of the New Normal
What kind of New Normal would it be to wear 9M; this collection is about the people who re-immersed in fashion that has been reset and liberated post-coronavirus pandemic.

The identity of 9M has always been to take universal items and make them special with the power of hand-printed textiles. This season, we wanted to create a collection that is exciting to wear by developing materials with new expressions of motifs that have often been used, such as floral, polka dot, argyle, paisley, arabesque, and stripe patterns, using the hand-printing techniques we have cultivated so far.

The flannel set-up is printed on both sides so that the dye penetrates deep into the raised fabric and does not turn white. It is made of comfortable textured rayon cotton with a center tuck and collar that is relaxed yet neat.

The cotton corduroy set-up has been incorporated into standard items such as work pants and a coach jacket. Cotton corduroy is embossed with a paisley pattern using a textile printing process that produces unevenness, making it a special item.

Arabesque patterned material with three-dimensional expression by combining chambray flocking and pigment printing is made into jackets with chin straps and sweatpants. This item expresses sophisticated handcrafting in combination with synthetic leather that has been coated on cotton-lined fabric and given a good texture by the washing machine.

The liner jacket and vest are made of rayon cotton and hand-printed satin to create a quilted material with a sense of weight unique to natural and recycled fibers, and the reversible design allows the wearer to enjoy wearing it in a variety of ways.

The silk wool scarf printed with rainbow gradations has fringes on all sides to make it a fun item. Wrap it around your head and feel like Marilyn Monroe!

Waterproofed backpacks and pouches made of cotton canvas with pine resin are a collaborative project with KATSUYUKI KODAMA PARADIDLLE, a Tokyo-based bag factory.
9M designer Riki Yoshida asked Katsuyuki Kodama to create a special product for his weekly trips to Lake Biwa. The high-end functional backpacks are a product that makes the most of their mutual dedication to craftsmanship and their expertise. “9K” was built around the concept of innovation, environment, continuity, comfort, functionality, high quality, factory, craftsmanship and Kyoto x Tokyo. The materials are from 9M and bag design by KATSUYUKI KODAMA PARADIDDLE.

New normal people

今シーズンのテーマ、“New normal people”。従来から普遍的なアイテム、手捺染によるテキスタイルの力で特別なアイテムにすることをアイデンティティーとしてきました。今シーズンは今までも定番としてよく使われていたモチーフ、花柄、ドット、アーガイル柄、ペズリー、唐草模様、ストライプ柄を今まで培ってきた手捺染の技術で新しい表現の素材を開発して着るとわくわくするような定番を作りたいと思いました。






コットンキャンバスに松脂を使って防水したバックパックとポーチは東京でカバン工場を営みながら展開するKATSUYUKI KODAMA PALADIDLLEとの協業プロジェクトです。
9Mデザイナーである吉田 力が毎週末に行く琵琶湖に持っていくときのこだわりのプロダクトを作りたいという要望にKATSUYUKI KODAMAデザイナー兒玉 勝之が生み出しました。素材は9M、ものつくりはKATSUYUKI KODAMAによる琵琶湖へいく為の高級機能バックパック、お互いの突き詰めた物つくりを生かしたプロダクトを作りました。“9K”「革新性、環境、継続、快適、機能性、高品質、工場、工芸、京都×東京」という9個のKをコンセプトに作成しました。


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New Normal People
9M Autumn/Winter 2022 Theme and Product Details